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What is signwriting?

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We are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the humanistic tradition of signwriting. 

Signwriting is a versatile artform that is perfect for both private individuals and businesses. It is a traditional form of signage that is hand-painted and takes years of experience to master.

From simple text to large scale murals, there's a signwriting option for everyone.

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Signwriting and Murals in Melbourne

Melbourne’s preeminent traditional signwriting experts

Alpha Lewis Signs is a Melbourne stalwart of traditional signwriting. Providing the city with stunning wall murals since 1969, we have long been the first choice for creating vibrant paintings that resonate with the public and enhance a business’s brand appeal.

For Melbourne companies, hand painted signwriting is a very effective form of onsite advertising. It is a way of conveying your brand in a way that a simple shop front never could, especially when you have a team of professional handwritten signage experts producing visually-incredible murals.

Our professionals combine years of experience with cutting-edge signwriting technology to produce arresting designs. We are here to bring your shop front to life, to make the public aware that something awesome is happening inside, and we do so with the touch of a master’s stroke.

The true experts in hand painted wall murals

Melbourne is a city of stunning wall murals. Whether company or council-commissioned, you can’t walk too far down a city road without seeing incredible public art. You can trust that the Alpha Lewis Signs experts are the artists behind many of these designs.

We work closely with our clients to design professional wall murals that truly encapsulate their business and everything it brings to the consumer. We regularly consult business owners and stakeholders to ensure the style is exactly as they want before applying our professional brush to the wall.

This is why we have a longstanding reputation as Melbourne’s preeminent signwriters, being a team who knows what our clients want, and, more importantly, can bring it to life in the most impressive of ways. It’s for these reasons that you can always spot an Alpha Lewis Signs design somewhere in the art-centric City of Melbourne - are you ready to bring some colour to your shop signage?

Find out more from our team

The Alpha Lewis Signs team is always happy to hear from new prospective clients. We see each business front as an opportunity to create a beautiful new style as if it were a blank canvas in an artist’s studio.

As such, all you have to do is get in contact with us to start the journey towards a beautiful new shop front. Simply call our signage company on 03 9329 1244 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you need.