Directional + Wayfinding Signage

What is a wayfinding system?

What are the benefits of directional signage?

What are the most important features of good wayfinding design?

How do you design a good wayfinding system?

Despite their importance, wayfinding signs are too often neglected. They are either small and made of cheap materials, or they are expensive and downright ugly. At Alpha Lewis Signs, we believe that signage should not be a burden. That's why we offer affordable and innovative wayfinding signage solutions for all your needs.

"I get frustrated when I can't find anything." Have you ever heard of these words? A common complaint of a university student is that they could not find their way around campus. To solve this problem, we created wayfinding signage for RMIT. We are here to help you provide your customers with the best experience when they visit your store, office, or building.

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